US Patent - Stabilization System for Physical Therapy

Stabilize Isolate Manipulate Fixate

Buffalo, NY.


US Patent for a stabilization system designed to be used by clinicians in a clinical setting. This system was devised by a clinician to assist in treating his patients in the most advantageous way possible. The clinician realized the need to stabilize his patients, isolate specific muscle groups and manipulate those muscle groups for a better outcome while the patient is fixated in a certain position. Every physical therapy clinic should have multiple stabilization systems for their practice.

Through the utilization of this technology, a clinician is able to perform many techniques that would typically require an additional person, whether that be the patient or another care provider. By providing the clinician with an immovable bolster, a fulcrum has now been introduced - exponentially increasing force and making the clinician’s job easier, more efficient and the patient experience is improved.

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US 2019 / 0015240 A1 - Stabilization System and Intellectual Property US Patent


Buffalo, NY



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