US Patent - Carb Blocker

Carb Blocker from the Common White Bean

Ithaca, NY.


Bean extract can be used as a supplement to reduce blood glucose and as a carb blocker in dietary supplements. An improved method for making a p. vulgaris bean extract that results in an extract having high ?-amylase inhibitory activity and low hemagglutinin activity. The method involves treating the beans to selectively denature the hemagglutinin. A p. vulgaris bean extract is provided, having high ?-amylase inhibitory activity and low hemagglutinin activity. A treatment for diabetes or method for reducing blood glucose level is disclosed using the p. vulgaris bean extract disclosed herein.

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• Dietary supplement
healthy blood sugar, keto and weight loss
• Foods
reduce glycemic index
• Beverages
reduce carbs impact
• Pet food
diabetes and weight control


Ithaca, NY



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