Long Established, Turnkey Ice Cream Shop

Mecklenburg County, NC

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Ready to take the plunge into a world of frozen delight? This turn-key gem, a beloved Ice Cream Shop nestled in the heart of Lake Norman, NC, is now up for grabs! With a legacy of excellence and a frosty reputation, this independently owned ice cream haven is set to pass the torch to new owners who crave success as much as they crave a double scoop.

Picture this: A colorful realm where dreams are churned into reality, and the symphony of laughter blends seamlessly with the sweet melody of dessert. This business, a testament to creativity and customer devotion, serves up frozen fantasies that make taste buds dance. From timeless classics that warm the soul to ingenious creations that redefine deliciousness, this shop has carved a niche that stands tall above the rest.

But here’s the cherry on top – along with the shop, you’ll inherit the art of crafting smiles, one delectable scoop at a time. Dive into a treasure trove of frozen expertise, with all the equipment you need and a tantalizing website to make taste buds tingle from afar. And there’s more – a dedicated churro machine adds a touch of magic to the menu, giving customers an extra reason to revel in dessert euphoria.

This isn’t just a sale, it’s a journey into a world of sweetness and prosperity. Are you ready to wield the scoop of success, dishing out happiness while turning a profit? Connect with Greg Valdivieso today, and let’s turn your ice-cold aspirations into a sizzling reality!

The shop has seen an average of over 700 customers a month and close to 10,000 a year.



Mecklenburg County, NC

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