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Elias Ladon

Enterprise Development Resources, Inc.

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Thank you for taking the time to review the listing of Enterprise Development Resources. Inc. (EnterpriseDR, Business Brokers).

We certainly hope we can service your business purchase needs.

EnterpriseDR is helping Business Buyers and Sellers via its staff, affiliated firms, and qualified professionals across the U.S. and selected parts of the world. Most of our affiliates are also members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and are committed to abiding by the IBBA Code of Ethics shown on this website.

Our ambition at EnterpriseDR is to service our clients to the point that they are delighted to sign our commission check.

Thank you again for visiting this business listing advertisement. We would be pleased to service your business purchase and sales needs.

Elias E. Ladon, MBA, MS
Certified Business Broker (Lifetime CBI)
Certified Business Appraiser (CVA, MAFF)
Investment Banking Professional

Licensed In

Real Estate Licensee


MBA, New York University
MS, Michigan State University
BS, Aristotle University
Certified Business Intermediary
Certified Business Appraiser
Certified Valuation Analyst
Master Analyst, Financial Forensics





Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. is a Business Intermediary (Brokerage), Appraisal, and Advisory firm whose aim is to help its clients realize the most value for their companies.

Areas Served

  • Ohio


Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. logo

Enterprise Development Resources, Inc.

3659 Green Road
Cleveland, OH

Pre-Sale Advisory
Did you know that the number one reason that private business sales fail is a lack of planning on the seller’s part?

It is never too early to start planning about your exit strategy. The professionals of Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. (EnterpriseDR’) will be pleased to discuss with you your needs and advise you on how to navigate the exit process (indeed, it is a process and is rarely a one-time event.)

Some of our clients who did speak to us early in the process and entertained early offers realized the importance of proper preparation. Proper planning and preparation create a positive perception of the business and help the Selling party enhance its credibility.

Your business represents your livelihood, years of dedication, stress, and hard work. You have a financial goal in mind for your future and selling your business is the final milestone in obtaining the lifestyle you deserve.

EXAMPLES: We will help you understand the Exit Process by giving you examples of how different Sellers of businesses with different sets of needs and exit circumstances benefited from proper preparation and planning.

How Can We Help?

Enterprise Development Resources will guide you through the business transfer process by:
Completing a complimentary assessment of a proper asking price.
Giving you suggestions for effectively preparing your business for due diligence
Prepare you to think of ways to eliminate post-sale liabilities
Identifying interested and qualified buyers
Identifying and eliminating potential roadblocks
Remember, developing an exit strategy is a complex process. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to address and eliminate potential roadblocks, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and focus on areas of your business that will increase future value.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your business plans and objectives, call us at (216) 765-0845 or provide us with your contact information and a business sales consultant will contact you.

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Elias Ladon

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