David Xie

Capital Link Business Advisory

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David is certified business intermediary with IBBA for ten years.

A Certified Business Intermediary is an experienced business broker who is committed to the highest level of professional development the industry has to offer and has ethical values aligned with the IBBA standards of professionalism.

A CBI has the ability to objectively guide clients through the intricacies of the entire marketing and negotiation process of a business sale, resulting in successful transactions and satisfied clients.






Sell or buy business,
Business valuation,
Debt financing

Areas Served

  • British Columbia, BC


Capital Link Business Advisory

2912 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC


国际商业交易认证顾问CBI是经验丰富的商业交易顾问,致力于行业提供的最高水平的专业发展,并具有符合 IBBA 专业标准的道德价值观。

CBI 有能力客观地指导客户完成商业交易的整个营销和谈判过程的复杂性,从而实现成功的交易和满意的客户。

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David Xie

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